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Top 10 of Games Made in Africa

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Written by R. Essola

African game and app developers have been credited with high-end summits as any other international ones. Either with known or unknown titles, a great number of individuals and organizations has tried to uphold Africa’s status in innovating and creating advanced AAA-title games. You may be wondering what these amazing games are. Well, we’ve got your back in this. We have a list of well-structured African created games that can vastly boost your gaming experience. Let’s get started.

1. Toxic Bunny (Android supported)

Its roots are traced from South Africa. The Celestial games genre group has won hearts of many players with the Toxic Bunny gameplay. Under several years of operation since 1994, the company’s popularity has been amplified by their coffee guzzling, gun-slinging rabbit along with Arni the Mental Armadillo launch. Toxic Bunny 150,000 copies sale internationally and 7, 000+ locally is enough proof for the game’s fame. Explore adventures of a normal rabbit gone wild by shift of its moods into a bad one. Meet further Toxic who is in search of the individuals responsible for his coffee break disruption as well as brainwashing his allies.

Toxic Bunny

2. The harvest

This is a science fiction game with RPG action setting. It is fashioned in future times revolving around an earth under alien invasion (aliens have been named as the harvesters). Players will come across beast and human cyborg characters. Machinery and human unit forces have to be applied to save mankind from their enemies. It is indeed a job well done by Microsoft Game Studios Publishers in corporation to South Africa, Luma Arcade under XNA Games studio 4.0.

The harvest

3. Pocket RPG(Android and iTunes compatible)

Tasty Poison Games group has been acknowledged as the developer and Crescent Moon Games organization as the publishers. Discover Pocket RPG runs in a world subdued by monsters. Main characters have to overcome traps and barriers, collecting treasures and valuables for unlocking amenities and successful missions. It has astounding graphic features encompassed within a dark environment. The fun part of it whole are the quests that have to be accomplished from level zero facilitated by collection of valuables as one progresses on higher stages. Pocket RPG is a game that you can’t afford to miss in your play list.

Pocket RPG

4. Bladeslinger (Android and iOS supported)

Bladeslinger is another Luma Arcade release with a combat layout and a fast action gameplay. It is a well fit bundle for mobile and tablet users who must win against multiple of enemies at an instance within a close range combat. Its story line is set in a future fictional Hammer’s Peak town. William Glaston (the main character) comes back home after many years of war away from his hometown; he finds nightmarish changes from the point he left it. What will he do about it? It’s all in the players hand to decide.


5. Neon Shadow (Android and iOS supported)

Tasty Poison Games group are behind its production as well. Neon Shadow is a fast structured First Person Shooter (FPS) aided by classic shooters. Its mission involves saving humanity from dark mechanoids invasion.

Neon Shadow

6. Dark Project(Android supported)

Dark Faction Games grounded in South Africa have availed Dark Project in today’s online app stores. Users should control a trooper to look for a team sent to planet Deltora for determining life support prospects. Things don’t go as expected; the whole mission goes hairy as one has to fight zombies and mutants for survival. Weapons and flashlights have to be deployed in the dark surrounding when facing the rivalries.

Dark Project

7. Snailboy (Android and iOS supported)

Snailboy is an easy yet impressive game developed by Cape Town Thoopid Games. It has a puzzle draft modified with potent graphics. Be sure to have a marvelous play with 45 plus levels required to be completed.


8. Ma Hauchi (Java compatible)

This game can be easily addictive. It involves a Nigerian hunter who shoots down vultures for points. The main weapons used are arrows and bows. Its Lagos Studio Developers with over 100 game types have made sure Ma Hauchi stands out as the best.

9. Fleet of One (Android and iOS supported)

Fleet of one is all about space invaders. You have to play with a five cannon armed spaceship in order to eliminate aliens. Control features are simplified as the ship is staged at the bottom of the screen. One will only have to aim and fire at the aliens. In cases where the target is missed, a shielding option against the enemies can be executed. Thumps up to Polymorph South African developers.

10. Orisha (Windows phone compatible)

Gamesole- a Lagos group has come to aid of windows phone users. They can access this casual player game that has radical features, a number of levels and remarkable graphics. It is among the best games that can help you spend your leisure time effectively.

There are different game genres with African continent origin. In question of which are the best packages to go for, the above games are the perfect selection to start with.


Source: Techtalkafrica

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