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Meet Arthur Zang inventor of the Cardiopad

Meet Arthur Zang, the young genius behind the Cardiopad, the first African medical
Tablet that makes it possible to realize cardiac exams on people living in
remote and enclaved regions from countries where access to specialists, medical
expertise and adequate healthcare can be a really big challenge.
That challenge may soon be an old news with this awesome new Device.

How does this work concretely?
The cardiopad is connected to mobile Networks. So when an health Worker
carry an exam with the device in a remote place, the data are then send to
the specialists living in the big cities, who in turn will carry out a diagnostic
that will be send back to the remote party.
It is just not faster, but reduce a lot of inconveniences and costs. It also
gives a broader access to healthcare to people who in normal circumstances would
struggle to be cared of.

Kudos Mr. Zang!



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